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Retirement Cake

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This cake is boxed and ready for delivery to Rod, who recently retired from a long and successful career as an engineer. His daughter Christa and wife surprised him with this cake, and they suspect that a lot of his free time will be spent fixing up his vintage orange VW Beetle (what a great […] Read more…

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Golf cake

| Cakes for Guys

Here’s a golf-themed birthday cake for Nick and John, complete with golf bag, clubs and a few golf balls scattered about on the green and grassy fairway (which may need mowing). Who’s counting the number of balls, the number of the hole, or even the ages of the recipients? Not this baker, that’s for sure! […] Read more…

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Tyler’s confirmation cake

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Tyler’s parents wanted to surprise him with a non-traditional confirmation cake.  They wanted to include both baseball and softball as well, since they’re Tyler’s favorite sports. I made a figurine of the very athletic Tyler, and he’s got a baseball bat in one hand, a lacrosse stick in the other.  His parents loved the figurine […] Read more…

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