Dawn’s 40th “Touchdown”!

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I’ve now made 2 Giants helmet cakes, and I wouldn’t have expected this, but both of them were for women. The first was a cake for Bat Mitzvah girl Lexa, and the second, shown here, is for Dawn’s 40th Birthday. In fact, Dawn had seen Lexa’s cake online and loved it, which is how Dawn’s good friend Lisa ended up contacting me. The cake was a surprise for Dawn, and I had to deliver it to the Jersey Shore where Dawn and a group of her BFFs were spending the weekend! When presented with the cake at a celebration dinner, Dawn was so thrilled she shed tears of joy, and she wouldn’t let anyone near the cake with a knife!! (It is vanilla bean buttermilk cake with chocolate mousse filling and dark chocolate ganache outside, so it should taste pretty good whenever she finally eats it. I delivered the cake a week ago, and heard that as of Tuesday, it was still uncut!) Happy Birthday Dawn! You are blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful friends. And eat your cake!!

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