Early Spring Wedding Cake!

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We certainly are having an amazing March, with spring-like weather even though the calendar still says “Winter” for a few more days.  Influenced by this nice weather and thoughts of my yard bursting into bloom in the coming weeks,  I was inspired to make another display cake full of flowers.  This cake is covered with white, lavender and pale green roses, deep purple ranunculus, and reddish purple carnations, complemented by shiny green leaves and bare brown branches. The cake also shows a trend in cakes these days: tiers with different shapes and heights.   The purple tier is a hexagon sandwiched by round tiers, and the base tier is a square.

All the flowers on the cake were made by hand, petal by petal, out of gum paste (a type of sugar dough which hardens as it dries).  It is a time-consuming process, but well worth the effort. The flowers are technically edible, but I’d say you probably wouldn’t want to eat them as they’re very dry and brittle.

I love spring, and the flowers and colors on this cake make me happy.  I hope they make you happy too!

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