Claire’s Bat Mitzvah Cake

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0010-retouchedThis cake was made for Claire’s bat mitzvah. Since Claire is my daughter, this was a bit of a silly thing to do.  I was baking while doing a ton of other things to get ready for Claire’s big day. Family came into town early. then it snowed, more family was delayed coming into town, it snowed some more, we had party favors to pack, and lots of details to attend to, and did I mention that it snowed?? In spite of all that, the cake got baked, decorated and delivered to the party venue. Phew! I’m either crazy or I must love my daughter a lot. Or maybe both.

Top and bottom tiers are chocolate cake with Claire’s favorite, Oreo filling.  The middle tier is a delicious lemon butter cake with raspberry preserves and a lemon swiss meringue buttercream. The colors on the cake matched the colors in the room (shades of purple and turquoise). The cake had beautiful purple fondant roses on top, a tribute to our beautiful daughter.

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