Bird Baby Shower

| Baby Shower, Cakes for Girls

A very pink Baby Shower Cake This sweet bird baby shower cake was designed based the invitation.  Obviously, a baby girl was on the way.  It is a very spring-like design, with a blushing pink bunny, butterfly, lots of flowers, and a bird in a beautiful, blooming tree.  I took the liberty of turning the […] Read more…

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Spiderman Takes The Cake

| Cakes for Guys, Figurines, Kids' cakes

THWACK! Spiderman spins a web in a (vain) attempt to save Manhattan from a cake knife!! This Spiderman cake was made for an avid Spiderman fan named Rohwan, who was turning 4.   I had a blast making this cake.  The cake is vanilla with chocolate frosting, and the whole thing is covered with fondant […] Read more…

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Cobra Cake – I Ate Snakes

| 3-D cakes, Cakes for Guys, Kids' cakes

Have I ever told you that I don’t particularly love snakes?  They slither and have no limbs.  They don’t greet you at the door when you come home, offering you a ball to throw for them to fetch, their bodies shaking with excitement.  No, snakes are cold, indifferent to hostile in temperament, and look like […] Read more…

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Shyla’s Little Pony

| Cakes for Girls, Figurines, Kids' cakes

Shyla’s 5th birthday was quickly approaching, and her mother wanted to surprise her lovely and sweet daughter for her birthday.   Luckily, Shyla’s love of all things My Little Pony related proved to be an inspiration for her mom.  A My Little Pony cake was the answer:  she requested a yellow (vanilla) cake, filled with […] Read more…

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| Cakes for Girls, Sweet Sixteen

This cake was made for the Sweet Sixteen party for a lovely young woman named Matisse.  She was indeed named after the famous French artist, Henri Matisse; I am a fan of his work, and think her name very cool and creative.  So of course the question was how to combine the interests of a […] Read more…

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The Hunger Games

| 2-D, Cakes for Girls, Cakes for Guys

The Hunger Games is the first book in a young adult trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  The books have been extremely popular among the middle and high school set, and so it is no surprise that the movie, which opened a week ago, has become the must see film of the spring. I received an order […] Read more…

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Flower Power

| Cakes for Girls, Flowers

I just got back from a fabulous gum paste flower class given by the extremely talented Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet Cakes in San Francisco.  I’ve been admiring her work for a couple of years since I first saw it online.  She makes the most fabulous sugar peonies, hydrangeas and a variety of other flowers – […] Read more…

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Early Spring Wedding Cake!

| Cakes for Girls, Flowers, Wedding / Bridal

We certainly are having an amazing March, with spring-like weather even though the calendar still says “Winter” for a few more days.  Influenced by this nice weather and thoughts of my yard bursting into bloom in the coming weeks,  I was inspired to make another display cake full of flowers.  This cake is covered with […] Read more…

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