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This cake is pure romance. Lillian and her niece Tracey wanted to surprise Tracey’s parents who were renewing their wedding vows after 30 years of marriage.  They had sent me a photo of a cake they liked, a two-tiered square cake with red ribbon roses running up one corner of the cakes.  Lillian and her […] Read more…

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Mother to “Bee” Baby Shower

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Genine’s mother, Debbie, contacted me about making a bee-themed baby shower cake for her daughter.   I came up with the design, which she loved.  The cake was a 6″ round, double height cake, meaning that it is really two tiers of identical size stacked one on top of the other and decorated as though […] Read more…

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Pinkalicious Cake

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Bae just turned 4.  I don’t know how that is possible, since I have known Bae since she was a newborn, and it doesn’t feel like 4 years have passed by.  Sigh.  Bae has, over that time, become an adorable, precocious little girl who is very outgoing and knows what she likes.  We are all very fond […] Read more…

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Leopard Sweet Sixteen

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Oh to be young agian… This cake was made for Kelly, whose family and friends threw a surprise party for her to celebrate her 16th birthday.  She certainly was surprised!!  What a lucky girl to be surrounded with those she loves on her birthday, and what a nice mom and family to organize the whole […] Read more…

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Camera Cake: Say Cheese!

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Say Cheese!  Cream cheese frosting, that is, on carrot cake, shaped into a Camera Cake!  This cake was made for photographer Mike as a surprise for his 40th birthday.  It is modeled after his own camera, although the dimensions are not exact because, don’t forget, it is a cake, and I needed it to feed […] Read more…

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A Wedding in Central Park

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Sarah and Rod were married in beautiful setting: New York City’s Central Park!  They chose to have a non-traditional wedding, with a picnic lunch after the ceremony, organized by wedding planner A Central Park Wedding.  The weather was fabulous, albeit a little bit warm by cake standards – a sunny 90 degrees.  But there was […] Read more…

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